Keep Cool This Summer With Dunkin Donut Coupons

The time to keep cool this Summer, is now with the great tasting frozen coffee drinks of Dunkin Donuts. I just received my Dunkin Donuts coupons booklet for the month of June/July at my home. Plenty of online coupons and printed coupons for the lovers of coffee, donuts, and every sandwich that have become the staple of Dunkin Donuts.

These booklets of super savings have plenty of coupons for every occasion as well as every treat from the great list of the Dunkin Donut menu. Everything and anything from Frozen coffee drinks to tuna salad croissant sandwiches are included. Yes, the donuts are there too. With $1.00 off a dozen Dunkin Donuts or just $3.99 for half a dozen.  Also there are plenty of free items like free donuts with the purchase of any drink cold or hot. Also any muffin for $0.99, WOW!

Some of the finest coffee is served at this great American main-stay. The De-Caffinated cup  is amongst the best coffee I have ever tasted. I love the taste of their new sandwiches and my special favorite is the Tuna Crossaint sandwich, by the way there is a special coupon in this months booklet for this sandwich as well as the Dunkin Donut chicken sandwich. So whether you enjoy the great taste of hot brewed coffee in the morning, or you need a Ice cold Dunkin Latte before your workout in the afternoon, regardless of whatever your need it, this is the place that keeps America runnin. After all America runs on Dunkin…

The Captain America Dunkin Donut

The taste of red, white and blue all wrapped up into a tasty Dunkin Donut coffee. A tribute to Captain America.  I was disappointed to see that other companies like Burger King or McDonalds did not follow suit on the Captain America band wagon, and offer some of those super hero toys that you usually get in a happy meal, or the drinking glasses that were sold for the last Shrek movie. I wanted more, I wanted a Red Skull figure to go into my collection of thousands of figures sold by McDonalds and Burger King.

Having waited so long for the premiere of the first Captain America feature film to actually offer us fans anything, and with all of the hype of the soon to be released Avengers movie, I was left wanting more.  But at least if you enjoy coffee and donuts, Dunkin Donut did something to get you excited.  I used more Dunkin Donut coupons for those donuts than ever before.  They were an instant hit with my kids, and the donuts really looked good, it was almost a shame to eat them.  But they equally tasted as good as they looked.  Get online coupons for your next Dunkin Donut items and make your next trip a trip in which you can treat yourself, and save some money.  Get online coupons today for your next coffee purchases from your local grocery store.  Hurry these online printable coupons will not last long!

Where Else Can I Find Super Hero Food?

Well supermarkets everywhere sell just about anything else that you would want to eat that came from the rank and file of superheros.  Going shopping whether it is a treat like Dunkin Donuts, or supermarket food for your home is costly and that is why I am attempting to bring to you some of the best tools around that will allow you to save money on your next grocery bill.  Perhaps that will free up money for other things like Dunkin Donuts, and just in case you did not know there are plenty of specials and Dunkin Donut coupons available.  They get mailed most of the time right to your home via the mail.  Here is a short list of some of the items that you can buy for your kids and adults with superheros on them.

  • Marvel Ice Cream pops ( Iron Man, The Hulk, and Spider-man)
  • Chewable Vitamins for your kids ( Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider-man, Wolverine)
  • Fruit Roll-ups ( Spider–Man, Captain America, and others)
  • Cereals ( mixed companies like General Mills, and Quaker oats, and Kellogg’s, mixed superheros)
  • Get these items and more at supermarkets like; Publix, Winn Dixie, Piggly Wiggly, Kroger’s, BJ’s Wholesale and others.

The Tuna Dunkin Donut Coupon!

Changing with the times, Dunkin Donuts has realized that it has to offer a variety of foods to compliment their signature coffee and donuts.  If you have not yet received the Dunkin Donut coupon for their tuna Croissant sandwich, I recommend you visit your local Dunkin Donut shop and ask them for a coupon special for this sandwich.  To be one of the first 10,000 to get a free gift card to try their products for free, start here!

Ok, now you have your free Dunkin Donut coupon or free online gift card, which by the way one of the competitors to this great American coffee shop, Starbucks also offers a free gift card so look for it in many of my different posts.

Let’s get back to the reason that you landed here, the Tuna sandwich by Dunkin Donuts.  I tried it because to be able to write about something first hand I believe you should have first hand knowledge about it.  Now I am a Tuna lover, and not many people are, and that is OK.  But you must admit it was a bold move to add this to the Dunkin Donut menu.  I must tell you they hit a grand slam, so getting the Dunkin Donut coupon is a must for you if you are a person who love the Tuna sandwich.  Since I eat Tuna on a weekly basis, and most of the time I am on the run, so I have to eat it at either, Dunkin Donut, or Subway, or Quzinos, or the local sub shop, I can rate them and you can tell me what you think?

  1. Quiznos Tuna sub on Wheat.
  2. Dunkin Donut Tuna Melt on a Croissant.
  3. Subrageous Subs in Miami.
  4. Miami Subs Tuna sub.
  5. Subway Tuna sub. ( I just think their Tuna is really runny)

If you disagree with me that is OK too.  That is what makes this world go around.  But if you have not tried it, and you love Tuna, then I recommend that you go and get one of those Dunkin Donut coupons for this Tuna melt and try it and make your own decision.  By the way, I have it with the Raspberry tea, absolutely fabulous.  Thanks for reading and keep checking back for those coupons from the competition, here is one from 7-11, they also make very good signature coffee.  Enjoy!