The Tuna Dunkin Donut Coupon!

Changing with the times, Dunkin Donuts has realized that it has to offer a variety of foods to compliment their signature coffee and donuts.  If you have not yet received the Dunkin Donut coupon for their tuna Croissant sandwich, I recommend you visit your local Dunkin Donut shop and ask them for a coupon special for this sandwich.  To be one of the first 10,000 to get a free gift card to try their products for free, start here!

Ok, now you have your free Dunkin Donut coupon or free online gift card, which by the way one of the competitors to this great American coffee shop, Starbucks also offers a free gift card so look for it in many of my different posts.

Let’s get back to the reason that you landed here, the Tuna sandwich by Dunkin Donuts.  I tried it because to be able to write about something first hand I believe you should have first hand knowledge about it.  Now I am a Tuna lover, and not many people are, and that is OK.  But you must admit it was a bold move to add this to the Dunkin Donut menu.  I must tell you they hit a grand slam, so getting the Dunkin Donut coupon is a must for you if you are a person who love the Tuna sandwich.  Since I eat Tuna on a weekly basis, and most of the time I am on the run, so I have to eat it at either, Dunkin Donut, or Subway, or Quzinos, or the local sub shop, I can rate them and you can tell me what you think?

  1. Quiznos Tuna sub on Wheat.
  2. Dunkin Donut Tuna Melt on a Croissant.
  3. Subrageous Subs in Miami.
  4. Miami Subs Tuna sub.
  5. Subway Tuna sub. ( I just think their Tuna is really runny)

If you disagree with me that is OK too.  That is what makes this world go around.  But if you have not tried it, and you love Tuna, then I recommend that you go and get one of those Dunkin Donut coupons for this Tuna melt and try it and make your own decision.  By the way, I have it with the Raspberry tea, absolutely fabulous.  Thanks for reading and keep checking back for those coupons from the competition, here is one from 7-11, they also make very good signature coffee.  Enjoy!